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on your WooCommerce shops using iConvert’s AI based product recommendation system

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Intelligent product recommendation system

The innovative product will include an intelligent system that provides product recommendations.

This system helps the online store recommend products that are most interesting to users, resulting in better conversion rates.

The intelligent system analyzes user preferences and behaviors to offer personalized recommendations.


The module includes various components that enhance the functionality of an online store. These components include the creation of landing pages and the ability to run A/B tests, which help optimize the website’s performance.

Additionally, the module incorporates features such as exit intent detection, cart recovery, and wishlist functionality, which improve user experience and increase customer engagement.

Personalized Recommendations for Higher Conversion Rates

The iConvert module helps online stores boost their conversion rates by customizing product lists displayed to users.

Using AI algorithms, it analyzes past orders and user preferences to generate predictions.

By offering personalized suggestions with a higher chance of conversion, iConvert enables online stores to optimize sales performance.

Landing page builder

The iConvert module offers a user-friendly visual editor for creating landing pages, regardless of the existing website’s platform. These landing pages are designed specifically for marketing campaigns, providing focused and concise information related to the promotion.

By utilizing drag-and-drop functionality and A/B testing, the module helps optimize conversion rates.

The web-based editor allows for in-browser design editing, with modifications saved to the database and processed by the WordPress instance. This ensures that the customized landing pages effectively highlight key features, discounts and time-limited offers, resulting in higher conversion rates for marketing campaigns.

A/B Testing
for Improved Conversion Rates

A/B testing plays a crucial role in boosting the conversion rates of online stores. It involves presenting visitors with two versions of the same page (Version A and Version B) and comparing their effectiveness based on generated conversions.

A/B tests can cover a range of elements, from button colors to layout changes, allowing site administrators to identify the most efficient variations.

By conducting successive A/B tests, eCommerce sites can significantly enhance their conversion rates.

Other features

Abandoned Cart Recovery through Email Reminders and Special Offers

The feature focuses on recovering abandoned shopping carts by sending automated reminder emails or emails with special offers to users who have added products but haven’t completed the purchase. The system identifies registered users or those who have provided their email during checkout.

The emails contain the abandoned products and are customizable based on predefined time intervals and maximum discounts set by the store administrator.

This approach helps to re-engage users, recover lost sales, and improve overall conversion rates.

Wishlist Functionality with Targeted Promotional Campaigns

The iConvert module enables online stores to provide wishlist functionality to users, allowing them to easily save products for future consideration. Users can conveniently view their wishlist anytime they revisit the virtual store.

Additionally, the module offers capabilities for targeted promotional campaigns, leveraging the wishlist data to create personalized marketing strategies.

This feature enhances user engagement, encourages return visits, and improves the likelihood of converting wishlist items into actual purchases.

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